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Clear goals, sincere unity, hard work and forge ahead - 2023 grade one held a meeting of all teachers

Release time: 2023/9/28 16:39:53 Author: Lin Guiping Page Views: 143 times

On the afternoon of September 25, the teachers of Grade 2023 Grade One of Pinghe Road Campus held a meeting in Jingcheng Building conference room. The meeting was chaired by Director Hu Gaosong。

Teacher meeting Photo 2

At the meeting, group leader Chen Yulin first summarized the stage work of the past month;

Then, Director Hu Gaoxong praised typical examples of teachers and students, and made guidance and arrangement for the next stage of work;

Teachers' club photo

Finally, Fang Jun, the executive vice president, led all the teachers to understand the situation of 2023 students in detail, and made a horizontal and vertical comparative analysis;The present situation of students is summarized, and the advantages and disadvantages are pointed out.It also gives some clear suggestions for the later teaching work。Headmaster Fang asked the teachers to pay attention to the students' study,Improve the efficiency of classroom listening;Focus on the pertinence, effectiveness and encouragement of after-school tutoring,Care for every student;Focus on teachers' personal growth,Make detailed and careful weekly teaching plan within the group,Create a positive learning atmosphere for the pair of mentors and apprentices;Ask class teachers to play a leading role,Help students set clear academic goals,Make a good career plan,Use goals to lead students to sustainable development。

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