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Jointly seek development, hand in hand to the future
-- The group leader meeting of "eight schools" senior two English lesson preparation

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为增Inter-school interaction, resource sharing, Promotion of cooperation, March 2, 2023,Zhenjiang No. 1 Middle SchoolGrand harbour secondary、扬中、镇Jiang Middle School, China Middle School, Li水高中、Jurong KaoSenior two English preparation leaders gathered in NanjingDongshan Senior High School (Ping Ping Road Campus)Eight schools carried outFirst union of the semesterTeaching and research activities。

八校The class preparation leader analyzed the quality inspection at the end of the last semester, and discussed the teaching arrangement, test order system,学科Training the excellent to compensate the weak, student activities and other workGo into depthDetailed discussion。Discussed the specific matters of the three joint examinations in this semester。In the course of the activity, the leader of the eighth school senior two English class preparation actively spoke and shared各校Useful experience。

Inter-school joint teaching and research activities are the booster of school development。The joint teaching and research of the eight schools not only opened the prelude to the teaching and research activities of our school this semester, but also broadened the new channels of teaching and research, and further promoted the exchange and contact between our school and brother schools. I hope our joint teaching and research will be successfulEven better on the way。

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